රුපියල් 20,000 ට POS සිස්ටම් එකක් | POS System Only for LKR 20,000

ලොව මිලියන ගණනක් වෙළදුන් භාවිතා කරන OS POS දැන් ශ්‍රී ලාංකික ඔබටත්

පද්ධතියේ අන්තර්ගතය

  • තොග කළමනාකරණය - Stock management (Items and Kits)
  • බදු අය කිරීම් - VAT, customer and multi tiers taxation
  • විකුණුම් රෙගිස්ටරය - Sale register with transactions logging
  • මිල කැදව්ම් හා ඉන්වොයිස - Quotation and invoicing
  • සේවක වැටුප් හා වෙනත් වියදම් - Expenses logging
  • ලදුපත්, බිල් හා ඉන්වොයිස මුද්‍රණය, ඉමේල් කිරීම හෝ SMS මඟින් - Receipt and invoice printing and/or emailing
  • බාර් කෝඩ් නිර්මාණය හා මුද්‍රණය - Barcode generation and printing
  • සැපයුම්කාර හා පාරිභෝගික දත්ත සංචිතය - Suppliers and Customers database
  • එකවර ඕනෑතරම් අයට භාවිතය - Multiuser with permission control
  • අවශ්‍ය සියළුම වාර්තා - Reporting on sales, orders, expenses, inventory status
  • භාණ්ඩ ලැබීම් සටහන් - Receivings (GRN)
  • ත්‍යාග පත්‍ර - Giftcard
  • රිවොඩ්ස් - Rewards
  • රස්ටූරන්ට් නම් මේස අනුව - Restaurant tables
  • SMS ඇලට් - Messaging (SMS)
  • සිංහල හෝ English ඇතුළු ඔබ කැමති ඕනෑම භාශාවකින් - Multilanguage
  • වෙබ් බේස් තාක්ෂණය - Web Base Technology
  • වෙළඳ සැලේ වෙන දේවල් ගෙදර ඉදන් අන්තර්ජාලයට සම්බන්ධ ඕනෑම උපකරණයකින් බලන්න
  • පැය 24X7X365 සහය සේවය
  • ඉගෙන ගන්න ඕනෑ තරම් වීඩියෝ පාඩම්


ඇතුළු දිනෙන් දින අළුත් වන සේවා රැසක්ම දැන් ඔබේ අතට

මේ ඔක්කොම රු 20,000 ට ? අදහන්නත් බෑ නේද?

මිලදී ගන්න කලින් ට්‍රයි කරලා බලන්නත් පුළුවන් හොදේ!

ස්තාපිත කරගන්න දැන්ම අප අමතන්න. KDKTEC – 070 204 2691 දිනේෂ් අමතන්න.

වැඩි විස්තර සඳහා WWW.KDKTEC.NET වෙබ් අඩවියට අදම පිවිසෙන්න.

We at KDKTEC provide a complete POS system for your business. Our POS system can be used for any kind of business you have. Including retail shops, supermarkets, Pharmacies, Hardware, hotels and restaurants, and more. The OS POS system is a FREE software platform designed and developed by FREE contributors at GitHub base on web-based technologies such as PHP, MySQL, CodeIgniter, and Bootstrap. This software system provides the following POS functionalities to shop owners.

Stock management (Items and Kits) Reporting on sales, orders, expenses, inventory status
VAT, customer and multi tiers taxation Receiving’s
Sale register with transactions logging Gift cards
Quotation and invoicing Rewards
Expenses logging Restaurant tables
Receipt and invoice printing and/or email Messaging (SMS)
Barcode generation and printing Multilanguage
Suppliers and Customers database Selectable Bootstrap (Bootswatch) based UI themes
Multiuser with permission control Mailchimp integration

reCAPTCHA to protect login page from brute force attacks

 GDPR ready

The software is written in PHP language and it uses MySQL (or MariaDB) as a data storage back-end and has a simple but intuitive user interface.

With KDKTEC Open Source Point of Sale System, we provide all the infrastructure to run the OS POS system in your shops. Our product package includes the following hardware, software, and services to run OS POS in your shop.

Hardware’s - Rs. 1,60,950

  • MICROPOS-Touch POS system with the following configuration - Rs.99,500.00


  • CPU - Intel®Celeron® 1037U Dual Core 1.8G ,2M Cache 17W
  • Chipset - Intel Nm70 TDP 4.1W
  • Memory - 4GB DDR3 1333MHz1
  • Ethernet - Realtek 8103EL 10/100M Support diskless boot
  • Size/Resolution - 15”TFT-LED/1024X768
  • Backlight/Contrast - 450cd/m2/700:1
  • Touch Screen - 5-wire Resistive Touch Screen/Infrared Touch Screen/True-Flat Capacitive Touch Screen
  • IO ports
    • Com Port - x2 (Check interface pictures)
    • VGA - x1
    • USB - x4
    • Rj45 - x1
    • AC in - x1
    • Audio Jack - MIC in &SPK out
  • Other Information
    • Support OS - Win 7/8/10, POSReady 7,Ubuntu 13.04 LTS
    • Certificates - CE,FCC Class A, ROHS, CB, ISO
    • Working Temperature - O"C-40"C(32°F~104°F)
    • Optional Accessories - LED Customer Display
    • Carton Size(mm) - 425(L)x290(W)x420(H)
    • G.W - 8.5kgs
  • All MICROPOS Products Has 1 Year Abans Warranty island wide

  • MICROPOS-BARCODE SCANNER Multiline - Rs.32,500 (Optional)

(You can choose either normal or multiline bar code scanner on your choice)



Xprinter Thermal Barcode Printer: Rs 25,500 (Optional)


  • HP-DESKJET 2132 with Scanner for Report printing - Rs.6,500

  • DCP 650VA UPS - Rs.5,500

Software’s - Rs. 20, 00.00 - Onetime payment

  • The latest version of OS POS system software Installation (Current version is 3.2.3) with Sinhala and English Languages Interfaces
  • Apache 2.4.27 Web Server, PHP 7.1.9, MySQL 5.7.19 with WAMP Server 3.1.0 for local installations.


  • The domain name of your choice for online installation - Rs.3500 Per Year
  • Business Web Hosting Account with SSL Certificate for online Installation - Rs.3250 Per Year
  • SMS Alert Sending Feature with Sender ID of your choice - Rs. 2500 Per Month
  • E-Commerce Website development - Rs 27,500 - Onetime payment (This is optional)
  • Staff training plus video tutorials - Rs 5000
  • The annual maintenance fee for website and POS system - 2500 per Year
  • Software customization can be done on your request and charges may vary according to customer requirement.

Total investment for the complete package with a minimum requirement

No Item name or Description Cost (LKR)
1 MICROPOS-Touch POS system 99,500
6 HP-DESKJET 2132 with Scanner for Report printing 6,500
7 DCP 650VA UPS 5,500
8 Latest KDKTEC OS POS Installation + Training. If you have a POS Terminal, then this is the price you only pay. 20,000
9 Staff training plus video tutorials
  Total Investment 1,85,950
  Down payment for project deployment - 50% of Total Investment 92,975
  The annual fee for online systems - Optional 6,750
  The annual fee for online systems with SMS alerts - Optional 9,250
  E-Commerce website development onetime payment- Optional 27,500
  The annual maintenance fee for website and POS system 2,500

Payment methods we support - Cash, Bank Deposits, EzCash, mCash, and All Kind of Online Payments.
If you want do payment on custom terms please contact us for discussions.

Use the following information to check our online DEMO version of this POS system.

Link: https://pos.kdktec.net
User Name: admin
Password: pointofsale

For more information about these systems you can always contact KDKTEC via following communication channels:
Contact Person: K Dinesh Kumara
Telephone: 070 204 2691, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Social Networks: FB.COM/KDKTEC | YOUTUBE.COM/C/KDKTECICTProfessionalsInSriLanka


Summary: Hotel Management System is total product and software solution to most of the hotel and restaurants with a bar. It includes hardware components and company maintained software with a limited warranty period. This is an ideal solution for busy restaurants and hotels. Cashier can easily make the order to kitchen (KOT-Kitchen order token) and orders to bar (BOT-Bar order token) what the customer’s request. The kitchen and the bar receive the order as printed bill. The cashier authorized to put invoices and to make the reservations.

Sample of the bills :


 Contents of hardware:
1. Touch computer(CPU Intel processor, 2GB RAM, 15” touch monitor, Keyboard)
2. Back office computer(CPU Intel processor, 4GB RAM, 18.5” LCD monitor, Keyboard and the mouse)
3. 3 inches pos printers(3 units)
4. Cash drawer
5. HP laser printer
6. 4 Port Asus router
7. 30m network cables(cat 5e)
8. 4 port multi plug
9. 10 POS paper rolls
10. 2 UPS for computers
This proposal includes hardware for one cashier, one back office machine, one kitchen and a bar. The requirement can be changed according to the customer against the product price. Above mention hardware under one year warranty.

Product (SOFTWARE)Specifications :

11. KOT(Kitchen order token)
Chef receives the order place by cashier.
12. BOT(Bar order token)
Bar controller receives the order place by cashier.
13. Room management and reservations
Easily you can book rooms to the customers as their requirement. It shows the available rooms with booking dates.
14. Bottle management(25ml/50ml/125ml etc)
Cashier can sell a liquor bottle, can or less quantity. It automatically adjusts the total bottle stock.
15. User management
Hotel manager, cashier or temporary employees can have different user privileges in the software. As example hotel owner or the manager able to see the monthly sales report neither others. Password protected login authentication mechanism is in the system.
16. Invoice in Sinhala or English
Service charges add and without services charges for takeaway.
17. GRN-Good receiving note
This function enable to add new stocks.
It enables to Add GRN according to purchasing orders and review GRN history
18. Customer management
If you have specific or special customers you can have their information as loyal customers.
19. Stewart Management
You can allocate specific Stewart for each table or customer to serve and it reduce the waiting.
20. Table Management
Cashier can place the orders table wise.
21. Stock management
The system maintain the stores. The available functions are
 Insertion, edition & deletion of items
 Updating of unit prices & quantities etc…
 Item reorder level notifications
 Stock history review facility
 User defined item code
22. Supplier management
You can have a log and information of the suppliers of items, and it will connect with GRN
23. Data backup
For the security of data, the system facilitate you to take a system backup to your portable device. If any case when you lose the data, it will help to restore the software for previous version with full of data.
24. Item management
You can add unlimited number of items with prices and discounts.
25. Sells reports(daily, monthly or annually)
Easily you can generate the reports what you need and customized reports also available on your request.
26. Cheque management
You can have a log with cheque information and preview it anytime.
27. Reports
Following reports available to generate and customized reports also available.
Current stock report/ Item wise sales report/ Daily sales report /Monthly sales report

Competitive advantages:
1. Invoice print in Sinhala(සිංහල) or English(on request)
2. Best and the lowest price in Sri Lanka
3. Adjustments of software features available on request of the customer with extra fee.
4. Very Friendly user interfaces
5. One day training session
6. Excellent after sale service
7. Video demonstration

Price :600,000.00 LKR
* Prices can be varying due to requirements modification depending on the client’s business. * *40% initial payment is required to proceed with project.

Audience :
1. Pubs
2. Restaurants
3. Hotels
4. Food corners

Warranty :1 year

One year free maintain period is provided by the company and Commencing from the second year technical fee and the transport charges will add.

Please contact our hot line s to find about more

Email Marketing System Demo Link: https://kdktec.net/iem/admin/index.php

SMS Marketing System Demo Link: http://sms.kdktec.net

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